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Introducing our masterpiece of elegance and comfort, the epitome of modest fashion. Crafted from luxurious structured deluxe satin material, this garment embodies sophistication and grace.


Designed with your comfort in mind, this fabric offers a sumptuously smooth feel against your skin, ensuring you feel as good as you look. Its exquisite texture catches the sunlight, illuminating your presence with a radiant glow, making every moment a glamorous affair.


Complete with wide sleeves that exude effortless grace, this garment provides versatility, allowing you to cinch the waist with the included belt for a tailored silhouette or wear it loose for a relaxed yet refined look. Embrace the option to style it your way, adapting effortlessly to any occasion. Plus, it includes pockets for added functionality and practicality, perfect for keeping your essentials close at hand while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Pink Satin Classic

£45.00 Regular Price
£27.00Sale Price
    • Size available from 50-60
    • Available in 9 colours
    • Closed abaya
    • Luxurious structured deluxe satin material for comfort and elegance
    • Wide sleeves exuding effortless grace and style
    • Fabric catches sunlight, enhancing its elegant appearance
    • Includes a detachable belt for versatile styling options, whether cinched or loose
    • Perfect for both comfortability and modesty
    • Versatile piece suitable for various occasions
    • Includes pockets for added functionality and practicality